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Free Period Press

Recently discovered this small Cleveland-based publisher of creative products, and I’m completely obsessed. Their products balance self-care, creativity, action, and playfulness. I pre-ordered their new to-do notebook on Kickstarter, and I am looking forward to using their Habit Calendar to kick-start my 2018 productivity. They also sell stickers, coloring books, and more!

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Austin Kleon on daily blogging

This post by writer and artist Austin Kleon makes me want to get into a more routine blogging habit.

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Chobani Rebranding

Beautiful new identity for yogurt brand Chobani on Brand New. The brand illustrations and typography work well both together and independently of each other.

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Redesigning Adobe’s File Type Icon System Language

Really insightful post on an important design overhaul from the Adobe Design Brand team. Adobe has a massive amount of file types, and I think this solution works well.

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Hannah Jacobs – Animator

I really admire the work of UK-based animator Hannah Jacobs. Her films always capture a sense of raw, human emotion and feel very personal and intimate. Before first seeing her work through The School of Life, I never imagined illustration could be brought to life in such a way. Above is her showreel of selected work.

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Hello From The Horizontal City by Celia Jacobs

I love the Hockney-inspired use of color and horizontal format of these illustrations of Los Angeles by Celia Jacobs. Such a fun project!

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Spaceships by Lars Stieger

Love the concept and color scheme of this project by Hamburg-based photographer Lars Stieger. In his Spaceships series, he makes European architectural structures look like futuristic spaceships.

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A Designer’s Code of Ethics by Mike Monteiro

This is an essential read for all designers on the Dear Design Student advice publication. For another interesting article, see “10 things you need to learn in design school if you’re tired of wasting your money.”

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Annie Atkins

I stumbled upon the work of Annie Atkins a few weeks ago, and I am highly intrigued! This designer specializes in graphics for filmmaking, including movie posters, props, and set pieces. She has also worked on The Grand Budapest Hotel as a graphic designer, where her role involved “planning and creating every single item that would be designed in real life.” Read more about her work in the Wes Anderson movie here, and be sure to see her website.

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Ben Tousley

I’ve been aware of the work of Ben Tousley for a while now, but have just recently started to appreciate his growing portfolio of design work. He has designed album covers and record packaging for musicians like Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear, and Rostam. According to this interview with It’s Nice That, he gained Grizzly Bear as his first big freelance client at age 18.

Check out his impressive design portfolio here.

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Hello Mr. on AIGA Eye on Design

AIGA Eye on Design has a new story up about Hello Mr.'s new membership model. This is an elegant solution to growing a community beyond the printed page.

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Alex Norris on It’s Nice That

I love these simple, charming webcomics from illustrator Alex Norris. Check out the full article on It’s Nice That.