Project 1 Research

September 17, 2015

For this project, I chose the local restaurant industry and selected Matsos as my client for a site redesign.


Matsos is a family restaurant in Wooster, Ohio that serves authentic Greek food and pizza. The restaurant also sells its own famous Greek dressing in the restaurant and in local stores. Spiro Matsos, owner of the restaurant, is a native of Greece and started his pizza business in his hometown of New Haven, Connecticut in 1970. After moving to Wooster to raise children, Matsos opened in 1981 and has been a staple of Wooster ever since.


Matsos is located on the corner of W Liberty and S Walnut St. in downtown Wooster. The largest city in Wayne County, Wooster has also been ranked among North America’s Top 10 Micro Cities. Alongside Matsos, there are small shops and stores, a farmers’ market, and a variety of other restaurants that serve lunch and dinner, including Italian, American, and Barbecue joints.


  • Increase sales of the restaurant
  • Increase awareness of Matsos’ Greek dressing
  • Communicate to visitors what the local business has to offer to its customers and surrounding community

Site Message

The purpose of my revised site for Matsos is to showcase Matsos’ menu, hours, contact information, and history in a format that is attractive to visitors, easy to navigate, and accessible on mobile devices.


Matsos’ site will serve a wide range of ages, and attract visitors who are in the Wooster area and are visiting from out-of-town. The site’s visitors will primarily be looking for the hours and address of the business, as well as menu and phone number. Visitors will be using a range of devices to access this site.

Site Map


Existing site map

Proposed site map

Proposed site map

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