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Hannah Jacobs – Animator

August 31, 2017

I really admire the work of UK-based animator Hannah Jacobs. Her films always capture a sense of raw, human emotion and feel very personal and intimate. Before first seeing her work through The School of Life, I never imagined illustration could be brought to life in such a way. Above is her showreel of selected work.

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Abstract: New Documentary Series About Design

February 11, 2017

Netflix just released Abstract: The Art of Design, and it looks very inspiring! The first episode features Berlin-based illustrator Christoph Niemann. I can’t wait to watch the entire season!

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Alex Trochut

December 9, 2016


A video posted by Alex Trochut (@trochut) on

Alex Trochut is a designer I recently discovered on Instagram. I love his latest experimentations with animated patterns, especially the one you can see above. The colors and mood are incredibly beautiful. The Spanish designer (now Brooklyn-based) also does amazing work with typography and design. Check out his website here.

Alex Trochut on Instagram

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AIGA Eye on Design – Where Designers Work

December 5, 2016

AIGA Eye on Design, one of my current favorite online resources, just launched a new video series called Where Designers Work. These first two videos are very cool—I can’t wait to see more designers and their workspaces!

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Edward Hopper’s Creative Process

November 13, 2016

Edward Hopper is absolutely in my top 3 greatest inspirations. I love this short yet inspiring video on his creative process, from The Walker Art Center.

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Public Art Trip: New York City

November 2, 2016

The Art Assignment has a wonderful video on the abundant public art in and around NYC. If you aren’t subscribed to them on YouTube, check out their channel for more weekly videos on the topic of art.

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Francesco Franchi’s Infographics

September 30, 2016

Francesco Franchi is an award-winning art director and editorial designer based in Italy. I first discovered his work in the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum and was struck by the level of detail and quality of his imagery. His infographics are a real testament to the fact that often, the role of the graphic designer is to be an interpreter between the content and the reader. In Franchi’s words, “Infographics help us understand, create and experience our reality. They reveal the hidden, explain the complex and illuminate the obscure.” Infographics not only must be well-designed and meaningful, but they have to tell a story or narrative.

Look at more of Francesco Franchi’s infographics here, and watch a short video below.

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Louise Fili

August 29, 2016

I just stumbled upon this graphic designer in my feed, and I am captivated by her work! Louise Fili is a New York-based designer, but her graphic design and typography, in particular, derives from beautiful Italian design. It is fresh and impeccable work in my opinion! She also has a Before & After page on her site which is cool to explore.

Check out her recent SVA subway poster video above.

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From Canvas to Celluloid: Edward Hopper on Film

June 4, 2016

Beautiful video essay showing how the film Shirley: Visions of Reality by Gustav Deutsch brings Edward Hopper paintings to life. In the film, some of Hopper’s most outstanding works are reconstructed as reality.

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Cool Motion Graphics Video: A Brief Lesson on Color Theory

May 4, 2016

This is a really well-done motion graphics video that takes the viewer through a basic lesson on color theory. I found this through my favorite art & design blog, This isn’t happiness.

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